Metrix to Increase App Downloads

There are many ways to encourage users to download your app on their mobiles. Here are a few tricks, and metrics you should track to gauge your success rate:

App store optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a simple but very effective way to increase app downloads. It requires a sustained effort to be successful. App store rankings depend on metadata e.g. keywords, ratings, descriptions, and reviews. IN ASO you also need to consider how keywords rank in each application category. While music and simple trivia games are relatively easier to rank but categories like casual games are very crowded and are most competitive to rank for.

Metrics to track:

  • Keyword ranking
  • App store impressions
  • Number of downloads

Encourage user reviews

Once users is convinced and came with intention probe further, you need to convince them that your app is valuable and reliable. This is where user reviews come in picture.

User tend to trust word of mouth recommendations of fellow users. Hence encouraging users to write share their experience is valuable. Even if there is a negative comment of any voice of resentment you should address it carefully. Your response give a positive message to the community that you are a caring organization.

Metrics to track:

  • Number of top reviews
  • Number of total reviews

Motivate users to make referrals

Referrals are another way to increase the downloads. Your existing users are your brand ambassador. If they refer your app in their influence circle, it will help increase downloads. Incivintising your existing users is a good strategy.

 Metrics to track:

  • Number of in-app referrals
  • Number of downloads

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