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Twitter for business

A website aims at harnessing the power of Twitter to facilitate small and medium scale enterprises.

No one can beat it

Bhai mere paas maa hai. The famous dialogue of Deevar movie still holds relevance in the mind of movie buffs. Here is our take on this dialogue for one of our client as Facebook post.

UC Browser- 15th August gala

Campaign element – Facebook posts, cover page image, Allied posts, Splash screen and badges for mobile browser. The exercise generated overwhelming response on Facebook.

Curry and Rice

This branding exercise produced quiet satisfying results in form of logo, stationary, visiting card and vending cart design.

Insightplm.com UI, design and development

One of our early project we designed.

GreenCarIndia – A novel initiative

We are proud to do greencarindia.org’s create + launch in digital space. Gree car It is a novel initiative by Green Car India (NGO). The NGO is working towards minimizing car carbon emission by giving people an opportunity to pool… Continue Reading →

We are Pixelwork Interactive

Sticky post

Pixelwork Interactive is 360 degree marketing communication agency offer design, marketing, strategy, branding solutions to clients. All of our clients get benefited from our unique combination of know-how, service and value. Contact: +91.8512098122, contact@pixelworkinteractive.com

Why under construction page has to be boring?

Why the under construction page has to be boring. Here is a take on under construction page to make it more lively and interesting.

Digital strategy – “Why my business need one?”

40 years ago information was read in newspapers and magazines. Naturally major Marketing and promotional expenditures were pointed towards it. With advent of TV a chunk of this pie was gobbled up by TV media. Lets discuss current scenario –… Continue Reading →

Infographics are great for data visualization

Infographic are designed to get across lots of important information in an easy and digestive format. Infographics are a great way to tell data heavy and boring information visually appealing manner. A great infographics is always a simple one. Creating infographics… Continue Reading →

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