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Guided by Guidelines

As a designer we always adhere to the rules of medium and Brand guideline we are designing for. And it doesn’t matter whether your final product is a book, website or mobile application. There are always rules we believe in… Continue Reading →

Why under construction page has to be boring?

Why the under construction page has to be boring. Here is a take on under construction page to make it more lively and interesting.

Digital strategy – “Why my business need one?”

40 years ago information was read in newspapers and magazines. Naturally major Marketing and promotional expenditures were pointed towards it. With advent of TV a chunk of this pie was gobbled up by TV media. Lets discuss current scenario –… Continue Reading →

Infographics are great for data visualization

Infographic are designed to get across lots of important information in an easy and digestive format. Infographics are a great way to tell data heavy and boring information visually appealing manner. A great infographics is always a simple one. Creating infographics… Continue Reading →

Measuring effectiveness of design

Since Michael Angelo has discover the Golden ration, no one ever thought of that creativity could be measured or quantify. same rule is applies on interface design as well. Today we have many tools to measure effectiveness of a user… Continue Reading →

You are a brand, market it sensibaly

A good brand (or brand in making) needs a good marketing. With popularity of internet and devices like computer, laptops, smart phones Every organisation needs to have a digital presence any which ways. At times a brand is perceived as… Continue Reading →

A partner of choice for brands and start-ups looking for web development.

Pixelwork Interactive  work with brands and brands in making (start-ups) to fulfill their business objective and to give their thoughts a shape in form of web sites, portals, apps etc which yield results. We do scalable Web development that puts… Continue Reading →

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